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DASH Class

What do we do in a class?

Each class lasts 30 minutes.

We teach you effective running drills in order to activate the right muscle groups required for running. These are the same drills that are used by today’s Olympians.

We sprint. We get your body used to running anaerobically, so not only do you burn more calories than if you were running a longer distance, you build muscle strength & have more energy.

We run outside.  No matter the weather, we run outside. It’s so much better for you. Whether it’s a track or astroturf, we always ensure we run on a soft surface –  it’s beneficial to your joints as it minimises the impact.

With consistent practice you will not only become fitter, faster and stronger but you will develop mind-to-muscle memory. Meaning you will activate the right muscle groups required, resulting in effortless running which will keep you injury free.

Preparing for a class

  • Come dressed in comfortable work-out gear, we recommend running lycra, nothing too baggy, and running shoes
  • Come armed with a bottle of water
  • For early morning sessions we recommend you bring a high protein, carbohydrate-rich snack for afterwards
  • For evening sessions we recommend you eat at least an hour beforehand and bring a light snack for afterwards

If you are unsure of anything, please email us: